Redefining Our Office Space

Close up - Powell Contracting office reno

At Powell Contracting, we have taken extra precautions since the start of the economic shutdown to ensure that we maintain a safe and healthy space for all of our workers. A work from home plan was implemented in March for office staff and our essential workers were provided with extra care both in field and within the office.


As much of the GTA reopens under the Ontario Government's Phase 3 plans, we have taken extra steps to ensure that a return to the office meets all guidelines for worker safety.

The design team at Studio Forma were able to install transparent shields at each cubicle where physical distancing was not an option. This has been proven to be an effective method at reducing potential transmission within indoor spaces and has been recommended by the CDC.

These shields provide a level of protection and privacy while maintaining an open concept environment. Strong phyiscal distancing measures have been implemented in all open spaces including common areas and the Ram Forest Cafe.

As long as the situation continues to change, we will take the necessary steps to ensure that our team remains safe on or off the road.