Powell Safety Garden

safety garden example outdoor photo

Powell Contracting has started Phase I of the creation of our very own Safety Garden. This program will become a valuable training and development tool which will give employees a hands-on approach to learning roadside safety systems. The Safety Garden was designed with the purpose of expanding our training resources and our commitment to safety. 

Often times within the construction industry, employee training takes place roadside and on site. This environment can often be difficult as many variables can impact the safety of our employees. With this in mind, we developed our own dedicated site where complete roadside safety systems can be studied and assessed safely. This allows our staff to develop an expertise of these systems even before setting foot on site. 

With dozens of systems including guiderail, end treatments and sign posts, the Powell Safety Garden is one of the most inclusive and dedicated sites to develop a hands-on approach to roadside safety expertise.

A special thank you goes out to our very own Daniel Mazzotta who was the winner of our internal Safety Garden Design contest. His artistic rendition of the Safety Garden logo has been chosen as the official Powell logo for this site moving forward. 

On June 8th 2020, we were able to start on Phase I of the construction of Safety Garden. In order to begin this phase various locates were required to ensure proper protocol. The purchase of multiple systems were coordinated to ensure a complete inventory of all systems. 

As we include more systems, we will get closer to unveiling the first ever Powell Safety Garden in Canada.

Safety Garden - Blueprint example photo