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In order to develop our long-term priorities and objectives effectively into our business model, Powell Contracting has developed our Sustainability Framework which is visible through all our initiatives. Our framework allows us to take a multidisciplinary approach towards a consistent management directive. We can capture lessons learned and innovations to inform future projects as well as to monitor and report sustainability performance effectively.

The Powell Sustainability Framework places a core emphasis on:




The sustainability framework applies from the earliest stage of a project, all the way through to the end. We recognize that communities are our biggest resource. People fuel the passion which drives our business. This starts with creating value in the community through engagement and development. We develop and maintain strong relationships with all our employees and businesses and strive to create the right environment by encouraging and allowing opportunities for individuals and teams to realize their full potential, which thereby enables our business to achieve its strategic goals and targets.


Through proper planning, we can design and deliver projects responsibly with an emphasis on sustainable change for the environment. Our people-focused projects have an emphasis on adding long-lasting value which reduces internal stress and intangible costs for the benefits of both ourselves and our customers. We aim to place ecological and environmental responsibility back into the construction industry.


These two strategies have a direct impact on economic performance. Through strong and responsible management of our assets, we can maximize our performance, deliver resource efficiency savings, and enable our customers and businesses to operate as efficiently as possible. Often times, placing an emphasis on a community-based approach and environmental focus can create powerful impacts that can be strongly felt across all levels of business.



Sustainability has a huge role in providing community value. It is our responsibility to ensure that all members of the community are heard and seen. Regardless of role or seniority, we strive to recognize that all peoples have equal value when it comes to sustaining the business model. We can identify needs within the business and provide a scope of what needs to be addressed.


Our strong focus is to ensure that all business leaders and departments are equipped with the tools they need to lead and manage. We facilitate a broad-scope of career development opportunities and strategies which can be utilized to maximize current opportunities.


As things change, we want to ensure that we are constantly ahead of the curve. This means placing an emphasis on all project designs both physical and digital. We create meaningful workspaces that create a lasting effect on employee performance. All of our designs look at minimizing physical waste while effectively creating environmental value.



Senior Leadership has dubbed 2020 as the Year of the People. As the year continues we will roll out programs and initiatives to increase community engagement. One of our strengths in this program has been the adaptability of our workforce. As the COVID-19 Crisis continues, we have been able to change our business model to ensure the safety of our employees and customers as the top priority. We have rolled out several immediate changes that will keep our people safe during this time. The strength of our workforce demonstrates Powell’s commitment to our core values.


Our emphasis on sustainable work practices can be observed through our 4R Program. We recognize that the construction industry often creates many by-products and waste, most of which can be easily addressed. Our program looks to reduce the amount of waste generated through office processes and has a lasting impact on our immediate environment. We will be taking a deeper look at the construction process to see where we can create the most impact through 4R.


The development of our Safety Garden is a commitment to our ongoing promise to deliver training and development. It will feature a fully functioning section of our Powell grounds to be focused on installed systems including end treatments, energy attenuators and guide rail. This will give all employees a platform through which a hands-on approach to learning can be practiced within a safe and secure location.


Part of our sustainability commitment is to move towards a fully supported digital infrastructure. As more processes become digital, we want to ensure that we equip our entire team with the tools required to succeed while generating a minimal carbon footprint. Access to digital tools will reduce the amount of paper consumption within the office and on-site while allowing our teams to integrate seamlessly in live time. We’ve been able to outfit our in-field staff with iPads which allow for better site assessment and communication with our office team.


As this movement continues we will also be moving towards a fully integrated training platform that can be completed digitally. Our goal is to increase the interconnectedness of all operations within the company through an immersive digital footprint.

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